About Us

Who Are Morrigan Dagda?

We are Perfectionists. Folk-a-holics; passionate musicians and performance fanatics. Playing Music is our passion and livelihood. We pride ourselves on giving everything we can, making our performances the best they can be.

There isn’t much you can ask for that will surprise us – we’ve played festivals, Ceilidhs, Weddings, functions and every type of party you can imagine – in every type of venue you can think of.

Of course there are events we play more often than others – weddings and Ceilidhs… but if you want Morrigan Dagda to play at your special occasion, we can do that too.

The bottom line is, we will provide the music for your event, helping to make it the special occasion you want it to be.

Morrigan Dagda have been performing their unique variety of folk tunes at functions and festivals across the UK since 2008.

Each member has bought their own unique style and influence to the band, creating our distinctively upbeat, lively sound. We have found that by combining traditional folk and contemporary instrumentation together we can create a brilliant musical fusion that helps get everybody at every event we play at up and dancing.

Morrigan Dagda play a driving rendition of Celtic folk, incorporating traditional folk melodies and tunes form Ireland, Scotland Wales and Britain.

The Name “Morrigan Dagda”

Our name is simply the combination of a Celtic Goddess – The Morrigan, and a Celtic god – The Dagda. They were Rulers of Eire (Ireland) c. 1830 BC.

The Morrigan was queen of the Celtic Gods; goddess of war and death. Click Here for more information about Morigan’s history.

The Dagda was the God of wisdom, sky, magic and abundance. Click Here for more information on the history of The Dagda.