Why Choose Morrigan Dagda To Play At Your Wedding? We have found that our unique blend of instrumentation helps people to get up and dance due to its driving rhythm section. This combined with a traditional lead folk instrument will ensure people are moving around and enjoying themselves from the start of the wedding celebrations right through until the very end.

Morrigan Dagda Are Reliable: If you are worried about finding a Reliable band, look no further; Morrigan Dagda are the band for your wedding! We understand you want everything to go smoothly. When we talk to you to discuss details we will arrange a time to arrive, allowing enough time to set up, sound check and make sure everything is working correctly. We can arrange The P.A (amplification) and the lighting for you if it is needed (additional lighting at cost).

Our Costs: Our prices start from £600 for an evenings entertainment. We usually ask for a 20% deposit upon confirmation (payable by BACS) and the remainder to be paid as cash on the night or by BACS before we leave the premises on the day of the event. We usually play two sets of approximately one hour each. Of course this is negotiable and timings depend on what you want. If you wish to pay by another means, this can be arranged. Please get in contact so we can discuss an alternative.

Where are Morrigan Dagda Based? We are a Dorset based band but we are more than happy to travel anywhere within the UK (provided any extra travel costs are covered). Please Contact Us if you want to discuss our prices for additional travelling costs.

What Music Will We Play? Morrigan Dagda offer a fantastic selection of Irish, Scottish, Celtic and Indie Folk tunes for weddings. We like to stick to Jigs, Reels with the occasional Polka. We also provide the facility for you to play an iPod or laptop through our P.A free of charge if you need to. Please let us know in advance if you wish to use this service so we can make sure we bring the correct leads.

What Instruments Will There Be? The band will usually include either a flute or an Accordion, a Rhythm Guitar, Drums or a cajon and a Bass.  We use a selection of different callers so we will find one best suited to you and your wedding celebration.

Ready to Book Us? Send us a message and we will get back to you within 48 hours.